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In comparison with standard road asphalt mixes, Alfabit shows many advantages in fatigue durability qualities of asphalts.

  • Automobile roads – main application segment of Alfabit. In Russia, the requirements to road pavement usually are enhanced by many different and complex climate conditions in different regions. Alfabit, developed with consideration to specific features of road operations in Russia and makes road pavement more shifting and cracking resistance. This allows to avoid cracking in the winter and rutting in the summer even under constant increase of the quality of heavy transport.
  • Bridges.. Unlike roads, bridge pavements (for concrete and metallic bridges) in its majority are subject to dynamic pressures due to resonance processes. Main factors that damage bridge operations are aggressive use of anti-icing solutions and water that affect primarily waterproofing and water resistance abilities.

    If waterproofing is damaged water will affect base structure of the bridge, start corrosion of the metalwork and destroy concrete bases.

    Big contribution to working-ability of the bridge surface inputs by waterproofing system by Alfabit and combined pavement mixture on its base.

    While selecting Alfabit grade for bridge surface pavement, especially metallic, it is needed to consider hardness resistance parameters of the asphalt system. This would allow ensuring durability of the bridge structure due to an improved waterproofing system.

  • Motor Raceways are road systems for automobile races, motorcycle competitions, technical trials for tires, rims and other auto-parts). Final pavement material differs for each raceway individually, based on race specifications, climate region, season. However, all specification requirements, including PMB qualification specs, have to be in compliance with international road federation (FIA) requirements. For raceways Formula-1, including Sochi, Rosneft developed special type of PMB – Alfabit F-1.

  • Runways and Taxiways of Airports. Surface pavement and waterproofing for these kinds of facilities are under constant pressure from airplane tire gears and dynamic pressure during landing. This is the main reason why these facilities are being projected with big safety margin in comparison to automobile roads. Along with highest technical and technological quality requirements to construction of all airport lanes and supporting areas, there is also special requirement to decrease of service and repair of surface pavement. Asphalt mix of an improved durability grade based on PMB Alfabit will ensure high level of reliability and safety of airport runway and significantly decrease frequency timing of repair works.