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History of creation

In 2008, a series of innovative road polymer-bitumen binders, under Alfabit brand, were launched with an aim of improving quality and durability of the Russian roads.
This unique product has been created with an advance of European technology of bitumen modification by styrene-butadiene-styrene thermoplastic elastomers. These kinds of materials were well known and well recommended abroad, for example, during construction of high-speed freeways in Germany and in France. However, climate conditions in most of the Russian regions are different from soft climate in Europe. Russian winters are longer and colder, frequent temperature transitions to below zero, make road operations very intense and therefore increase quality requirements for road construction materials and regulations.
That was the reason that Rosneft specialists adopt recipes of polymer-bitumen binders for Russian climate conditions. Together with German experts, Rosneft conducted several scientific researches, that reaffirmed high quality of Alfabit.